5 Girls and the Wrong Ride Home

My mom was and still is pretty strict, so when she said I could spend New year’s with my friends, I should have known it would turn into a lesson some way or other. Louvadia…

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4 tips to Kiss your camera shyness goodbye – Kiss Photography

From novice to runway, Pat’s keen eye for detail and always being in the moment (in my personal experience with him) is why I even have a decent profile picture.

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How to host with Shine Club Wine

They say right wine(s) bring the right atmosphere to any environment. Having recently hosted a picnic wine tasting with Shine Club, I can tell you for free that it’s true.

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‘Blame Me on Apartheid’ – a book to spark a debate on the legacy of townships by Thamsanqa Malinga

‘Blame Me on Apartheid’, an exploration of the origins of townships in SA and legacy of apartheid that is still a reality for some, launched in October.

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3 valuable lessons from 3 bosses

lessons I have learned from three different bosses I have had which, unlike Pythagoras or the anatomy of the bug, have actually impacted my life in addition to being practical and useful.

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What to cosider before you get a new flat

But this wouldn’t have happened if I’d listened to my brother when he said ‘bro, are you sure about this size?’. Sometimes it makes sense to listen to men. Sometimes.

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