4 Winter Reads That Kept Me Indoors

Books are there to stretch our minds, assist us in escaping reality and possibly even plan our steps to achieving a reality.
So now that winter has finally set in and hot chocolate has knocked coffee out of first place as hot beverage of the season, here are 4 books that I think will give you a valid reason to stay home this cold winter (it worked for me 🙂 )

N O N  F I C T I O N
A Different Kind of Daughter (Maria Toorpakai)
Heart-stopping and profound, this book tells of how Maria goes through the most. She is a young woman in Pakistan who has a love for sport. However, due to the oppressive rules against women, she is not allowed to play.  She disguises herself as a guy, and when she, unfortunately, is exposed as a female she becomes a fugitive. The Taliban makes it their mission to kill her and her family for their divergent ways.
This is based on a true story so reading this definitely put a lot into perspective about the freedoms we have in South Africa.
Don’t be put off by its length though – it’s quite thought provoking, more especially with the rise of feminism and women’s protection dialogues dominating social media at the moment. Viva La Femme!
Destiny – Step into Your Purpose (T.D. JAKES)
“Destiny, that inner compass that directs you to the fulfillment of your highest purpose”.
As 20-something-year-olds, we often wonder where our destiny lies and how to we achieve it. According to T.D. Jakes, what we need to understand is that everyone is born with a purpose – and it is this very purpose that will navigate us through life’s challenges.
These challenges shape us into what we are supposed to be, for when we get to that next level on our route to destiny. What particularly stood out was the author’s constant reminder that life is not a race, but a journey. All these challenges expose us, develop our authenticity and strengthen our self-identity.
Very mind opening.
The Wish List (Jane Costello)
If you’re one to create ‘to achieve’ lists before your next milestone comes to pass, then you’re going to love this book. Emma is about to turn thirty and there is so much she hasn’t done yet. So she does what we all do when we feel underachieved and pressured (lol).
She creates a list and sets out to achieve every single thing she has ever wanted to do before she turns old and gray – and 30. With her English best friend in tow, you can only imagine the adventures that unfold.
Not to be a spoiler, but if you feel like you’re going through the most and can’t keep up with all your friends getting engaged, your ex coming back to propose to you and peoples kids calling you aunt, this book will definitely and hilariously make you feel better about being a single potato.
One Day (David Nicholls)
What is life without that one relationship that never even happened, yet you hold onto it so dearly you’d swear it did? I don’t know either, that’s why I read the book.
David writes of two graduates who meet for the first time at their ceremony. They get along really well as mates but there’s a hack –they leave for their polar opposite destinations the very next day.
They regroup every couple of years to hang out and explore each other but then the worst happens – Dexter catches the feels :/. Does Emma reciprocate or nah? This is the one book I don’t want to give the ending to.
I’m not tryna expose myself as a sexist human being BUUUUT I’d like to highlight the bright side: it’s the guy that catches the feels first 🙂

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