Cake It On – A very basic guide to the good cake spots in CT

It’s no secret that I am a fan of the good confectionery life.

I love good cupcakes, fantastic muffins, not so much a fan of custard donuts but will do a couple of laps in the pool for some majestic cocktail cinnamon donuts.

It would be next level naïve to think that there are no other girls who, just like me, like to have dates at these bakeries and cake havens.

I mean, why would you not like them ?

A. The décor is always bright and pretty.

B. They make for super cute pictures.

C. No one there is judging you and the fact that you broke your diet. Why ? Coz no one cares – it’s a bakery!

D. The purchases taste flipping delicious.

So to make it easier for guys who don’t know where to take a girl with a sweet tooth, let me help you – and if you win (there is obviously a varying definition of this), please bless me with my commission in the form of a cupcake via Uber eats delivery.

The 7 best places, in my opinion and in no particular order:

1. Solo

Quite the odd name considering the fact there will be two (or more) of you, but it is what it is. Smoothies, muffins and fudge pieces are the order of the day here.

It’s got two seating options as well – you could be platonic and have a seat right at the sidewalk facing high table, which makes for great people watching, conversation and sun catching. Or you could take it all the way to the back, if you’re looking for a more intimate but casual vibe, which is decked with adorable books, plants corner seating and natural sunlight.

2. The White Rabbit

Fairly new and a part of the prestige Kove Collection, The White Rabbit will make any confectionery lover fall in love with you (or close to it).

The whole theme of the place is Alice in Wonderland, so from the onset, there’s a level of excitement that creeps up on you when you see the cake cart and jars of marshmallows.

I had a chocolate cake and a peppermint milkshake and in the end had to opt for a take away because I did not finish . I launched myself. Over estimated my game. A rookie mistake that is  very difficult to let go of no matter how long you’ve been in the game for. 🙁 As a general finisher of such foods I was conflicted in my feelings because 1. I was sad because I felt like a confectionery under achiever. Who doesn’t finish their goods, man? 2. I was real elated because that means the portions were bigger than the usual and the money I paid was so worth it.

3. Primi

A classic. They have the classic cake lovers menu, you really can’t go wrong here.

4. You Bet It’s Ice Cream

Just as new as the white rabbit, YBIIC is situated in the Cape Heritage Hotel and is quite easy to find.

Let me just get to the exciting part – for R45 you can fill your sugar cone with an assortment of toppings and then they will seal it for you with a scoop of any ice cream of your choice😍.

Obviously having been traumatized by the Carrot Juice incident, I was skeptical about trying the suggested 100% pure strawberry ice cream.

It’s safe to say that this parlor knows exactly what they’re doing. There’s an intimate indoor seating area that’s great for a quick chat with wanna-be-bae, accompanied by a bright set up and effective air-conditioning for the hot degree days we ought to be expecting this Summer

5. Donut center

The god-father of the confectionary world. This is more of the ideal drive-by pick up spot. If you’re on the way somewhere and in a hurry, this D center is a one stop shop for all the good stuff. For a beginner, someone just entering the confectionary vibe, I would recommend this place. More specifically, the cinnamon dusted donuts.

6. Moro Gelato

Okay, so this is like the Kelly Rowland of the sweet gang. Not entirely the boss, but has vast amounts of potential to be should the queen start slippin’. Here, the focus is not so much cake, but gelato and artisan ice-cream. Not to make a joke of a serious situation, but we, in Cape Town, are going through a drought and on top of it all, global warming is a real thing. Take her for ice cream – it will be appreciated.

Personal favorites, Mandarino and the Champagne sorbet. Makes a great spot for cute couple selfies too. Just saying.

7. Crumbs and Cream

This was a given. Everybody loves crumbs and cream. Whoever tells you they don’t, is going through some intense things so you need to support them OR cut them off all together because they are imposing their negativity onto you. You don’t need that, boo.

When visiting Crumbs and Cream, you are in the hub of confectionary variety. You can just purchase cookies or you can just purchase from the assortment of ice creams. But if you really want to live your best life, do both AND still add some toppings. Then have a seat on the cute indoor swing and enjoy the many small pleasures of Cape Town and life.

8. The Post Meridian Baker 

Here, I need you to imagine walking through a field with no pollution. Just fresh clean air in a serene and pristine place. Then, as you’re living your best life taking a peaceful walk, your #WCW/ #MCM comes through, looking like a wholesome organic Michelin star snack, and hands you a moist, well iced cupcake. personalized with your favorite elements such as chocolate chips and orange rinds – #Blessed.

TPMB listens to what it is you would love to have made, and brings  your confectionary dreams to life. There is literally, nothing that cannot be made here and on top of it all, the cakes and cupcakes can come in shapes and themes. Can somebody say ” yasssss ! ”

Now, there is a chance that the hun (or guy) you’re taking on the cupcake date may not like any of these places – and that’s okay. It really is. But with that being said, do you really want someone in your life who doesn’t get the greatness that is cake, cookies and its delights?

Do you really?

Just think of it this way,  ” If they can’t handle you at your sugar rush, then they most definitely do not deserve you at your most adult and mature ” – Marilyn Monroe

*drops ice cream cone*

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  1. Cesaltina
    November 30, 2017 / 2:30 pm

    😂 😂 *drops the ice cream cone* I cannot laugh loud enough.

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