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A series of dates with friends

I am motivated by sunshine, and even moreso by connections with my friends. So, when the sun was out in full force this weekend, we knew that we had to do something, anything and as much as we could.

There is just something about being outside that reminds you that things can only get better. Sure, we have been indoors for a little too long, but now that we have the full opportunity to be outside, we’re inclined to do more. Our friendship date looked like this:

14h00pm – Newlands Hike, Saturday

It is often recommended to go along this trail in the morning, but I think the early afternoon is a lot better if you are looking for a relaxed time with your squad. Less dogs (if you are not entirely a pet person) and the sun doesn’t beat you on as harsh as the early morning sun. I am a fan of the time we decided to go.

16h15 – Bike riding

A staple on the Cape Town scene, bike riding is and will always been good idea. This time around, we decided to up the amateur anti and ride from Seapoint to Camps Bay. It’s not the most difficult thing to do given the scenic route mixed with ocean and mountain views, but there is one block as you approach Queen’s Beach, that is steeper than me and my homegirls were anticipating.

18h30 – Sundowners

After a trek on the mountain there is nothing better than an ice cold something-something to help the salivary glands wet the throat. Get some ice-cold tings down a young, parched neck you see? And that’s exactly what we did. Jam Jars at Primi? Highly recommended. 10 out of 10. Margaritas at Mynt? Do it. Hydrate yourself.

15h00 – Picnic, Sunday

These were the chats: We said Spier Wine Farm, a picnic throw, the fermented grapes, some snacks and the most important element, the greatest company. A sunny day of chills on the picnic area of the farm turned into a sunset picnic with banter and an eventual chill in the air that reminded us it was time to go home.

I saw a quote that more or less urges us to remember that the hustle and grind sometimes takes our lives over, and that we ought to take time to remember why we like the people we chose to make our long term friends. And you know what, I agree fully.



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