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4 tips to Kiss your camera shyness goodbye – Kiss Photography

Mentally questionable icon, Britney Spears, once said there are only kinds of people in the word, those that entertain, and those that observe (if you didnt sing along, or at the very least, recognize the melody, we are closer to the brink of artistic decay than I thought :/).

Those that entertain, tend to be comfortable in front of cameras and as a result produce the most natural looking images or videos that the rest of us believe to be true.

Those of us that observe, often shy away from the camera because the images just don’t seem to come out the way we imagined them to be in our head. So we chalk it down to being unphotogenic or we feign shyness.

As a member of the latter party, working with Kiss Photography taught me a whole lot of lessons that I had no idea could make the biggest difference to even the most simple shot.

1. Don’t think for the photographer.
You, as the subject, have a very different role to that of the photographer. Your job involves looking like you just happened to wake up looking like 6 million and 1 rand, while the photographer has to translate that into imagery.

While it is okay to occasionally ask for feedback and check that you’re on the right track, stopping your movements midway and quite frankly not embodying your role as Beyoncé not only occasionally frustrates the photographer but it also wastes time and makes you think you’re doing it a crap job. Which is probably not the case of course. If you’re shy, let the photographer know so that he can tell you what is needed to get the winning shot.

2. Delicate hands and fluidity
My hand movements are as rigid as the British monarchy and it showed from the very first picture that was taken. Pat (Kiss Photography) mentioned that one should try to be congisant of hands because they form part of the details. Women ought to have dainty and delicate hands with fingers close together while men should opt for more stern gestures like a fist or self-handshake. It forms part of the consistency of an image that’s supposed to tell a story. It doesn’t make sense to pose with flowers, but have an iron fist does it?

There is not need to rush your hands and feet. Move as naturally as you can, and you might find that it makes a big difference in the final product.

3. Lighting, lighting, lighting
We know this because we are the selfie generation. Shooting outdoors with Kiss meant we had to be up and out onto the beach by 7am for two reasons. One, was to capture as much morning light as we could because it’s even and less harsh, and two, to have the beach all to ourselves. Before asking why we had to do it so early, I thought it was because he was just morning person.

Specializing in portrait, fashion and beauty photography, Pat has to be the most down to earth, patient and creative photographer I have come across. Displaying a strong prefence for afrocentrism, the common thread in Kiss Photography’s work can be found in the styling make up and accessories used on his models and muses.

If a photographer cannot get the best out of you for the shot he needs, then he’s not as great as great as he thinks he is. This, doesn’t apply to Pat at all. From novice to runway, his keen eye for details and always being in the moment (in my personal experience with him) is why I even have a decent profile picture.



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