Bloom Where You Are Planted

I have been a peace-lily plant mom for about a year now, and it has been great. It started off a tad rocky because I had no idea what to do after taking my summer pictures with them. With some research, time and effort, my plants bounced back to looking like a hun in a healthy and happy relationship.

As a result of this euphoria, I want to expand my plant mom capabilities and have done so by working with Builders Warehouse.

The internet (of course), and knowledgeable staff at Builders has been great with the resources and tools to get me going. With advice that is specific to my need for more plants (but lacking space because I live in a fat), to letting me know when to plant, how to set it up and how to maintain my new plants, it makes planting and troubleshooting easier than you may think.

There’s not much standing in between you and your future indoor garden. If like me, you live in a flat or a bachelor pad and lack the space for a garden of your own, pot planting is where your planting dreams come to life, my friend.

Feast your eyes

Growing herbs or flowers on your countertop/windowsill gives you the pleasant opportunity to replace dried old pantry staples with the real thing. They also act as the perfect backdrop for your Instagram images and even work well as décor around your flat.

When you do get started, veggies such as kale, tomatoes, and carrots are easy to grow and offer a confidence boost to novice gardeners (like me), but according to the pro’s, the best guide for what to plant should be what you love to eat. Browse through a seed catalogue and see what makes you salivate. I am a firm lover of all things spicy, so chilli was, without a doubt, one of my top picks.

Pick your pot

Builders warehouse has the most amazing selection of affordable and aesthetically pleasing (and useful) options. I was given a voucher to get the basics for my journey and was pleasantly surprised at the number of things I walked out with.

Don’t get suckered into buying a whole bunch of expert gardening gear because the truth is, you can do this on a barebones budget (which Builders accommodates well) and if you, like Beauty Swop SA’s Coco, are into DIY, you can do it with repurposed items too. If it’s not leaking anything toxic, your carrots aren’t going to care what they grow in, I promise.

Lettuce begin!

In case you were unaware, it’s incredible how much you can grow on a balcony. I opted for chillies (to appease my love for spicy food), tomatoes (for a confidence boost) and spinach (because what is a green smoothie without spinach?). Your choice is obviously dependant on what you like to consume, the amount of patience you have and the amount of light you get. You can even regrow some veggies right from the cuttings, without starting over from seed.

To see how I got started and how far I’ve come, visit the Builders SA highlight on my Instagram page. You will also see that aunt Amanda didn’t seem to trust me with my mission, so she stepped in.



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