Lockdown so far

Nothing forces you to learn a lesson like a nationwide lockdown and social distancing laws. By now, you must have seen the hustler post telling people to come out of this crisis with a new skill or hustle, otherwise, it wasn’t time that was in lack but, discipline.

Intense, but game on?

Knowing that it takes 21 days to form a habit, I thought I would self-care my way into being more productive during this lockdown and so far, this is all that has come of it:

Scammers paradise

I don’t have access to Poke Co. anymore, which was my source of adequate veggie intake so I, much like you, have had to take things into my own hands. I have used this as an opportunity to scam my way into eating veggies and the resident critique (my sister) has been impressed. The aim here is to catfish as hard as possible.

Two dishes that have had me eat copious amounts of veggies I would have otherwise avoided are Steak and cream veggies (I added the veggies into the garlic sauce), Thai stir fry and Celery soup (tweaked this recipe). If feels like my eyes have been opened to a whole new world outside of the steamed or roasted country crop.

Tailored times

My sister is the squad fashionista, she is also a Gen Z so that means I’m shacked up with someone who knows the easiest way to do a difficult task– in this case, teaching me how to tailor my clothes. See, I happen to be part of the petite party, so that means although I buy clothes in small or medium, some things like blazers and shirts don’t always fit as perfect as they do on others. Previously, I took key items to a tailor, but the lockdown has had my sister show me how to do basic things such as tailor pants that are too big for me around the waist and take in oversized sweaters. I’m no Alexander Wang, but I feel a little more equipped to look cute now.

Jumping to conclusions

Working out in summer has never been a vibe but I admire people who do it. I like surprises, so I prefer winter. Let me make it make sense: The aim is to surprise myself with a ‘big’ reveal at the end of the season.

I wear my sweats around the house as usual, but I will skip 1000 times a day. I broke it down into sets of 100, 10 times a day. There is no set time (because I am not running an army camp here) and I do it whenever I remember to. Finally, I mark it down, so I have a record of it. it’s been a vibe because on day 1 I was squeaking like a chew toy but now, ya gurl is holding it down a little. Nothing fancy, just my skipping rope and a space of my choice around the house with Kanye West’s Black Skinhead on blast because, vibes.

Building on the existing

Starting a new project or skill is not on the cards because although this is the ‘perfect’ time to do it, I know myself to be a bit of a procrastinator. So instead, I made a list of existing stuff that I haven’t paid much attention to, that I would have been great at, if I did.

I now watch Portuguese series so I can practice my listening skills and I must say, it has helped a lot as an extra resource to my classes. I don’t know what the hell Is going on in the episode I am currently watching (so I’m just reading body language, listening and assuming lol) but the vibes look intense.

I think Pedro is cheating on his wife with her sister. BUT he could also be planning a surprise shenanigans for the wife – I can’t tell yet. They are always sneaking around together so it looks suspicious.

Amongst other things, there has been some reading of books that I have not finished, refined some content for my freelance projects, visited an online gallery exhibition and finally investigated the option of going back to school.

I’m looking into taking a peek at Money Heist though, I hear its quite the vibe?



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