The Name Game

Names. It is what people call us, It’s how we brand ourselves and in the end, it is how we continue our lineage. With that being said, I’m about to share a shocking discovery I made…

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A Wild Ride Saving Grace

Listen man, sometimes I have to give myself pep talks to snap out of things and remind myself that’s it’s just a book. ” It’s just a squished tree with a story on it bro,…

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Chief and 5 Girls in a Garage

” It was silent for some time, then Chief, with a bellow he had obviously been reserving for this moment, summoned for Cupcake to get into the house… ” So now, at this point the…

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5 Girls and the Wrong Ride Home

My mom was and still is pretty strict, so when she said I could spend New year’s with my friends, I should have known it would turn into a lesson some way or other. Louvadia…

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Concerns of a Lazy Wig Wearer

Wig is life. I imagine that a 135 inch 100% Purvian/Armenian hybrid wig is great. I’ve never had that particular mix but I can only imagine that it is absolutely litty. Imagine your hair having…

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