When I was proposed to instead of being woke

So basically, this is the set up. I’ve attended the same church for the last 12 years, and so I consider that my home base. my parentals on the other hand, attend a Nigerian church.…

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Cake It On – A very basic guide to the good cake spots in CT

Just think of it this way,  ” If they can’t handle you at your sugar rush, then they most definitely do not deserve you at your most adult and mature ” – Marilyn Monroe

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6 benefits of being a dark skinned hun

” You’re pretty for a dark skinned girl “.   When you see that line come from a dark huns mouth or a written body of work, she’s about to tell you about how offended…

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I (Haven’t) Got the Juice

The sip was smaller than the tear of a new born baby, but the potency of carrot juice was toooooo much. It was intense, it was gross and tasted overwhelmingly like the taste of disappointment and betrayal. It tasted like a group work at Uni. It tasted like a debit order. It tasted like, what you would assume the hashtag #MenAreTrash tastes like 🙁

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Ettiquette I’ve Learned From Creatives

When you study something in the traditional stream, like politics or law, it’s very easy to think that what creatives do is a waste of time, but is it really?

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