Nigga in Paris: Crépe’ing On the Streets

Paris is known to be the land rich in romance and fashion – both of which I am heavily deficient in. I can’t dress to save the next persons life. If we were in a…

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Cool, Calm and Collected (guappp) in Calabar

Welcome to Calabar. Just as busy as Lagos, but at the same time  a lot calmer. My uncle Chris likened it to the Cape Ton of Nigeria. So, the flight from here on out were…

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Learning and (short term) Living in Lagos

After many hours and countless plane snacks, we’re in Nigeria, Lagos. ( Quick note: British and American Nigerian boys are so, SO hot. Looking like that vegan, nut free pet friendly organic olive oil kinda…

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The Fatherland

I am what is commonly known as a half cast – two parents from two different countries. However, these two countries are far apart from each other as they are different. My mom is South…

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Some Adventure are Not Needed

There was this one time I was on campus and finished early (like, 11am early). Not wanting to wait for my lift club until 5 I thought, lemme do this ting and make my own…

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