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Quad biking over & under the mountains

Social distancing has been the order of every single day so naturally, when the regulations were eased, we thought to do something fun and space-friendly.

Enter the idea of quad biking up a mountain – psyched.

Situated in Paarl, Rhebokskloof adventure farm is huge but, feels intimate due to the variety of animals getting along with the humans on the farm that care for them.

We arrived at Wild Valley Adventures at 13.00 with filled tummies and eager bodies ready for a wild ride and great memories.

We were given clear instructions on how to be safe and avoid getting hurt, kitted out with safety gear, and then encouraged to have (safe) fun. We jumped onto our quad bikes, started the motors, and headed out into the wilderness (or at least, that’s what the pristine and well-kept farm looked like to me at that moment).

Five minutes into biking, the landscape switched from skyscraping trees to a lot of open space beautiful. Just acres and acres of land reaching further than the eye could take in all at once. We accelerated up hills, rolled down valleys, and navigated ditches, while all keeping balance, taking in the excitement of the route and trying not to soil my white sneakers.

On a quad, you get to appreciate your surroundings more than you would sitting in a car. Thanks to the constant exposure to the elements, you feel even more excited as the wind blows through your braids and the occasional bug slaps across your lips.

A few tips for the quad bike tour

  • Sunglasses are helpful for protection against the dust.
  • If you bring along a camera, make sure it is packed properly but a GoPro is a more viable option.
  • Be willing to have your shoes get dirty if you’re looking to have a little extra fun.
  • The cost per person is R500, and it’s an hour ride
  • Be confident, bring a sense of adventure and enjoy!

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