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A Wild Ride Saving Grace

Listen man, sometimes I have to give myself pep talks to snap out of things and remind myself that’s it’s just a book.

” It’s just a squished tree with a story on it bro, chill “. Then you come across a story like Saving Grace.

It doesn’t state whether or not it’s based on a true story, but I can imagine that in some way or other, it could be. We have programmes like Catfish climbing up high on TV rating charts, so there’s a possibility right ?

It’s a few hundred pages long so if you’re not into lengthy bodies of work, this would be perfect for you. Jane Green’s chapters are relatively short though, which I found to be quite annoying if I’m to be honest, but that’s just me. It does not at all take away from how captivating the story telling is so that’s a plus.

So, onto the vibe: It’s set in the USA but has occasional stints in the England, I assume to intensify the contrast between the two lives and two sides of herself, the main character, Grace is forced to come to terms with eventually. Mental illness is a subject that creeps into the book so gradually, it almost imitates just how slowly we too, can be affected by depression, bipolar and or other under discussed disorders.

The antagonist of the story, Beth (who is the source of drama in such an understated way it’s wild) makes the story what it is. From her character you can probably identify people in your own life who behave similarly, if not exactly, like her.

Ted, the male figure in the story (because there always is one) is as unstable as they come. A hot head who is soothed only by taking no responsibility for his failures, tasks or relations with people, really echos the modern day hashtag of men being trash.

Although I may sound like I’ve picked a fave and a hated, that’s not the case at all.

Grace, the main character is who I jonehone felt women are pressured to be. Not physically, but rather in the broader sense.

It’s a little difficult to share how litty this piece of sauce is without giving the whole story away – but know this much, pay attention to the finer details as you go along or even you, will start to doubt your memory a little.




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