Canoe you come to Blue Rock with me?

As we approach summer, I am lacking a lot of discipline in terms of staying home. The urge to always be out and about has me by the neck and quite frankly, I am not complaining (wink).

Between summer sundowner soiree’s and supper on my balcony watching the sun set, I have become very appreciative of the beauty that we are involuntarily subjected to in Cape Town.

To keep on this summer shenanigan high, I called my friends up and pitched the idea of a full water experience. I’m talking SUP, canoeing, cliff diving, deep diving and naps. It took a while to get the final numbers going (as expected) but it was done, and it was done well­­­. It was now time to make the booking.

Making the booking and getting correspondence from Bluerock was horrendous. It took what felt like days of a million and one emails and a handful of unanswered calls just to get the ball rolling, only to find out that we can simply arrive at the destination and pay there (the site says you have to book in advance).

We requested our uber, packed ourselves in and made our way to our good time summer location. As the ride began, the driver asked if he could end the trip and make it a private one instead so he could pocket the cash. Sir, if things were different, sure thing. But not in the times we’re in – the streets are tense. 3 women making a long AF trip from Cape Town CBD to Summerset West with cash, thighs and skin showing, and you want us to do what? Drive off the radar? Askies, but that’s a heavy hulk-like no from me.

Fortunately, Sir Driver understood. All uncertainties were squashed; he let us connect our music and the journey of wind blowing through our wigs and old school ballads blaring out the windows began.

The destination

We arrived at our water haven destination and the process was pretty simple (which is why I can now look back at the initial correspondence and say it was complicated for nothing). We paid an entrance fee of R60 to the gate marshal who was fantastic and were then ushered through to the parking area.

To skip all the admin that took place, I will fast forward to the part where we took our canoe, SUP and paddles to the lake. As we approached the edge of the lake, we saw what looked like a family sitting on the jetty, having a chilled ol’ time. Snackpot (my mate) made her way to the rock buffer to put our bags down and Cupcake (my other mate) followed. Seeing the direction that Snackpot and Cupcake were walking in, the family I mentioned earlier decided to send a representative to fetch their own stuff, that happened to be placed nearby. The rep carried all their stuff through the knee-deep water and placed it on the jetty with them.

Now, we didn’t want to assume a reason for them opting to move their stuff, so Snackpot and Cupcake moved to the opposite direction and placed our stuff there. To say it got mildly tense is an understatement. Priscila, the Bluerock lovely lady who helped us carry our canoe down was shook.

We had a chat amongst ourselves about how odd it is that we, hunnies of variant hues, made them feel uncomfortable. In fact, we kind of hoped they wold eventually leave because we were expecting 2 more friends to arrive, and they were guys. Lol, black guys.

We got into our life jackets and got going. Noticing that we were mildly struggling to get the canoe from the rocks into the water to begin the waterplay, the dad (I assume) from the family came by and offered to help.

Do you know what it is to mize someone? To mize for the gawdssss? That was Snackpot. Cupcake looked him dead in the eye and said ‘No.’ I, the resident wiener of the squad, because I don’t always know how to stand my ground, was on some, ‘do you think I can ask one of them to take my snap?’.

The look I got from them both told me that I needed to shut up and put my hands-on deck to push the canoe in.

From here, there is not much to say apart from the fact that it turned out to be a great time. We collided with rocks and jetty’s, failed to go in the direction we wanted to go in, swam around, dodged the cliff diving despite hyping ourselves up for it, fell off the SUP board a couple of times , took some time to coast in the water and eventually laid in the sun on the jetty.

Toward the end of our day, we did our last activity (which we found we probably should have done first), the 4-meter Fufi slide. Much like all mild adrenaline activities, it’s all fun and big talk until you have to strap up and do it. it didn’t help that the person who strapped us in what the security guard we had paid the entrance fee to earlier. No judgment, at all, but …

After 10 minutes of back and forth, and being reassured that no one has fallen, gotten hurt or died doing this, we eventually went for it. I went first.

It should be noted that I am also the squad whoos. I will negotiate or diplomatically answer my way out of everything and anything. There was nothing to negotiate here though because we had paid already, and they don’t offer refunds. Nothing makes you more adventurous than hearing you won’t get a refund lol. I screamed until I impressed myself. Mid-fufi I thought ‘wow Chi, you can scream really loud babe. Good job’.

Mentally, I got to the next stage, which was acceptance. I looked down, yelled some more and then looked ahead thinking, ‘woow. This is a beautiful view and breeze. Chill bro. If you fall, you fall. If you die, you die dead. No ICU or any of that. One fall, one time’.

Snackpot and Cupcake made their way down, and from what I gathered, they went through the same motions and emotions. We agreed that it was an amazing experience and we are definitely going to come back for this (and the wake boarding).

There are two ways to get back to the top (where your car is parked lol) but I’m going to need you to experience it for yourself. If I tell you, it will ruin the ‘wrong turn’ feel you get as you make your way back.



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