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The Man in a Flannel Shirt and Bootleg Pants

I am a very ‘go with the wind’ kind of person, which means that I tend to make a ton of plans in the heat of excitement and on the day of, I find that I have a million and one same day commitments. I eventually get overwhelmed because I feel like a flake and then end up thinking about what I’m gonna do over some cake, only to then run late and now it’s really a mess. and I really flake.

So when Shanaaz texted me to tell me that sir cutie would be gracing us with his carbon dioxide in December, I bought the tickets online that very second. This was back in October.

I bought the tickets, planned what eyeshadow I would wear so when we locked eyes he’d at least think I did a good job on my eyes if he didn’t think I was pretty. I fell asleep to ‘Movie’ – because that’s what the whole fantasy would be. Eventually, the novelty wore off and, in the end, I completely forgot about sir cutie and went about my business.

I went about my business so hard that I made gang plans for Monday, 16th December 2019. Brunch, the beach, Slow Cooked. Everything you can do a sunny summer day, I was going to do.

Fortunately, two days before the big day, Shanaaz (God bless her soul) sends the text, ‘THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. WE ARE GONG TO SEE TIM MISCH LIVE!”

Holy cakes! It’s Tom Misch day! I Need to cancel all plans!

The moment

When we arrived in the late afternoon, Sio was on stage. I don’t know much about her, but she really knew how to make a newbie like me feel like an old friend of hers. In her all-white ensemble, she floated on stage like Jesus walking on water. No qualms, no stress, just here to welcome you into her Erykah Badu-like sound and intimate lyrics.

I turned away to greet some friends, take a few snaps and turned back stage-ward to see Muzi hopping out from behind the decks. It was nothing short (no pun intended) of a vibe to watch him perform. I first saw him live at Rocking the Daisies and one thing is for sure, energy is possibly his government middle name.

A string was pulled, and a guitar note filled the air. Everyone knew what time it was. When he said, “What’s up Cape townnn, how you doing tonight?” I felt that. I don’t want to lie and say I was merely happy to see this man live. I completely lost both tits with exhilaration – as did every single person around me so it was okay. The whole field roared like the audience was made up of a whole lot of Mufasa’s and Simba’s, and then, like the smooth and intentional man that he is, baby Misch started his performance.

Do you know what it feels like to have your body feel physically exhausted with your spirit because the hype in you is too much? I had to sit down, mid crowd. I have a habit of doing this, I’ve noticed this about myself because it happened with Masego as well. So weak. Anyway, he played every song he needed to play to make sure that you remember him as the guy you go to when you want to feel every emotion out there with greater intensity. When he started ‘Movie’… my gowt. When sir cutie started ‘Movie’, I ju-

This would sound very strange, but the boi Tom pulled through in the most basic outfit but I was ready to risk it all for a man in a flannel shirt and bootleg jeans.


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